ROBOTILL licences explained.

A ROBOTILL licence can be used to register one of the following:

Details on each option below.

Register a POS Computer (Till Point)

With your POS Computer registration you can register one POS computer where you will get the following:

For each POS computer that you register, you can also register one additional back office computer for free . The back office computer must be linked to the licenced POS computer. You can register the ROBOTILL Back Office program on the back office pc.

You will also be able to use the ROBOTILL Workshop module on the registered computer or other computers (The workshop module cannot work without a registered POS computer).

Regsiter a Head Office

Note that you do not need to register a head office even if you have to manage several till points and back office computers at your store or restaurant. Head office support is only needed if you need to manage several shops/restaurants in different locations remotely

If you use your licence to register a head office, then you will receive a shared key that can be used at all your branches for access to the ROBOTILL head office cloud server. One of your sites can then be registered as the head office where you will also receive a ROBOTILL Back Office key for one computer. 

Note that each one of your branches/sites will need at least one registered POS computer.