ROBOTILL Privacy Policy


ROBOTILL is a registered company based in South Africa. We therefore need to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act. We do that in the following ways:

Personal Information

We do not require any information from users that use the free edition of ROBOTILL. The only information we require from our customers using the full edition is a contact name (no surname is required) and an email address.

Customers can supply an address and additional information like a VAT number. It is however not required and only needed if they want that information to be displayed on their invoices. 

Registered computers

During the registration process the user will email us an encrypted piece of information that is used to register the computer in our database. The information will only contain the following:

  • Name of the device (computer name)
  • Serial numbers, make and model of specific items in the hardware (computer).
  • Information related to the ROBOTILL installation (Version number and installation number).

Protection of Information

The little information we do store about our customers are securely stored in a Microsoft Azure SQL Server database that has multiple layers of protection. The information is accessed by secure applications and only the appointed ROBOTILL employees have access to these applications.

Respect customer privacy

  • We will never sell or give the information we do have about our customers to a 3rd party.
  • We do not use bulk emails for marketing purposes.
  • We never give out information about our customers to potential customers requesting 'references'.