ROBOTILL Retail Software

The retail module of the ROBOTILL point of sale system is ideal for any type of shop including grocery, furniture, clothing, hardware, bakeries, nurseries, butcheries, and more.

In order to run a successful business you need to be able to ...

  • Minimize loss by managing your cashiers with a variety of security features. Detect stock quantity discrepancies.
  • Keep track of your stock and make sure stock are ordered on time.
  • Easily and quickly create supplier orders and make sure what you receive and pay for is correct.
  • Have a system that allows you to generate a variety of specials and combo deals.
  • Know the state of your business with a variety of reports. 
  • The software should save you money by helping you run the business efficiently - not drag your business down with expensive software costs and support fees. ROBOTILL has a free edition and our full edition is a fraction of the cost of our competitors - our support is free.

Features for the retail module include:


ROBOTILL can work for any size shop - from a single till (pay point), small business to a large shop with several till points and back office computers. All computers connect over a local network to a local server - no internet connection required.

ROBOTILL also comes with support for multiple branches that can be managed over the Internet.